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We sell all brands of hearing aids. We have styles for everyone in all price ranges. We are often able to help with your insurance claim too. Benjamin Franklin once said, “An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.” He meant that if you do your homework and study your choices, you will end up making the right decision. Audio Advantage Hearing Aid Center can help you "do your homework" and make sure you are happy with your new hearing aid decision. Your satisfaction is guaranteed 100%, or you don't pay. And we offer an exclusive 14 Day Free Hearing Aid Trial so you can try new hearing aids before you commit to purchase them. NO Risk, NO Commitment, NO Worries:)

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Types of Hearing Aids

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How to choose the Right Hearing Aids

Choosing Wrong Can Lead To Years Of Frustration and Added Expenses

Our 14 Day Hearing Aid Test Drive is invaluable in choosing the right hearing aid for your needs.

Choosing the right Hearing Aid Center and Hearing Aid can seem daunting. There are so many local companies and new hearing aid technologies to choose from. In the past, there were one or two hearing aid options. Today, there are literally hundreds. We can help you decide which hearing aid device is best for your way of life, your daily routine, your activity level and your budget.

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We Can Help You Choose The Right Hearing Aids

Having qualified help to properly perform hearing tests and to help you choose a hearing aid makes all the difference. We have helped 100's right here in Salisbury Maryland and Delmarva to hear better over the last 30 years and we are confident that we can help you too.

A good hearing aid is an investment that should last for years, so choosing the right one is well worth your time. Contact us today for your Free Consultation. You'll be glad you did. We are not locked in with one hearing aid supplier, so we can choose the hearing aid brand that is right for you.

This is all about you and your well-being, your happiness, your hearing better and improving your life. Let's do it right the first time and avoid any frustration. That's all part of our "Better Hearing, Better Life Guarantee".

6 Reasons To NOT Buy Hearing Aids Online

6 Reasons You Should Think Twice Before Buying Hearing Aids Online

  1. We use proven medical formulas & algorithms to find the perfect hearing aid
  2. We use software that is independent from manufacturers to measure the benefit of the hearing aid. This is usually called "live speech mapping".
  3. We refer our clients to ENT or Ear Nose Throat Doctors if it is a medical condition causing the hearing loss
  4. We examine the external ear, canal and eardrum for medical indications of hearing loss. Impossible for an online retailer.
  5. Every manufacturers hearing aids produce sound differently. The one-fit-all is not the best philosophy. Each manufacturer has a different scientific approach. We use several Hearing Aid Brands to be sure our patient has the best hearing possible.
  6. 100% of the people who wear hearing aids need regular adjustments for the best hearing. Impossible for an online retailer.
Hearing Aid Colors

12 Reasons Why Buying Hearing Aids From Us Is Better Than Shopping Online

  1. 14 Day Free Hearing Aid Trial
  2. Exclusive "Better Hearing, Better Life Guarantee"
  3. Super Fair Pricing on Hearing Aids
  4. Lowest Price Guarantee
  5. Fast, Friendly & Honest Service
  6. No High Pressure Sales
  7. Fast Hearing Aid Repair Service
  8. Quality O.E.M. Repair Parts
  9. Trained & Friendly Hearing Aid Technicians
  10. Financing Options Available
  11. Client Reviews
  12. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Tiny Hearing Aids

Our Tiny Hearing Aids

Our hearing aids come in tiny sizes too. Hearing aids are no longer the large, clunky hearing aids from the old days. Today's hearing aids come in many sizes, including our IIC which is about the size of a raspberry. Even our BTE or Behind The Ear hearing aids are smaller than most.

Don't let the stigma of wearing a hearing aid prevent you from enjoying the benefits. Our tiny hearing aid styles allow you to enjoy better hearing, without feeling embarrassed.

Hearing Aids Come In Many Fun and Festive Colors

Hearing Aid Colors


Hear what others are saying about our hearing aids and customer service

Michael S

Salisbury MD

Lyle and his staff are super great. They are very careful to diagnose any hearing problems correctly and they are very gentle in fitting a new hearing aid. Thank you so much guys. I would highly recommend this hearing aid center for all those living in Salisbury MD.

Louie J

Hebron MD

I didn't want to wear hearing aids, but I wanted to hear! The staff at Audio Advantage were professional and kind, and also made sure I came back for several adjustments to get those aids perfectly tuned to my loss. I would highly recommend them to anyone who wants to hear better.

Paul Q

Salisbury MD

The team at Audio Advantage was very professional. They answered our many questions and took as long as we needed at our initial appointment and the fitting. All appointments are always free which was a great surprise to us.

Sarah P

Baltimore MD

I can't believe the difference it's made for dad, and for us, to have him fully participating in our lives again.

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