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Educating yourself about the types of hearing loss can help you choose the best treatment option. You will find many different types of hearing testing being offered at hearing centers here in Salisbury MD. Choosing the right hearing test is the start to better hearing. You don't have to continue living with a hearing loss when there are so many benefits to wearing a hearing aid. Read more below about hearing loss, or Contact Us Now to schedule your Free Consultation.

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Types of Hearing Loss

There are essentially three types of hearing loss. Conductive, Sensorineural or a combination of Conductive and Sensorineural hearing loss. The combination of these hearing losses is more complicated and may require more than one treatment option. Then there are varying degrees of hearing loss. From tolerable, missing small portions of conversation but still making out the meaning, to dangerous, not being able to hear a train or car horn. Read more about the two main causes of hearing loss below. The only way to be sure of which one you have is to have your hearing tested by a professional.

Read more about the Types of Hearing Loss. Conductive Hearing Loss, Sensorineural Hearing Loss and Tinnitus

Looking into an ear with a scope during a hearing test

Types of Hearing Testing

There are many types of hearing tests in Salisbury, MD to help identify and diagnose hearing loss conditions. Many methods are out of date, but are still widely in use. Why? Some are not prepared to invest money and time to learn a new system. Some are stuck in their old ways and refuse to learn new technology. Audio Advantage Hearing Aid Center in Salisbury, MD uses the latest technology in diagnosing our patients hearing loss. Choosing the right hearing test, or combination of tests, can help us find the reason for your hearing loss and help create a plan of action that will lead to better, if not near perfect hearing.

Read more about the Types of Hearing Testing.

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Help Prevent Hearing Loss

We are surrounded by Noise Pollution. Noise pollution is displeasing or excessive noise that we cannot avoid. The word noise is derived from the Latin word nauseas, which means disgust or discomfort. If you are ever exposed to loud noises, you may have felt disgusted or violated. That is noise pollution. When your hearing is damaged beyond repair, your life will be forever altered. Modern technology in hearing tests and hearing aids will help you hear better after the damage is done, but there is no replacement for natural hearing. So, protecting your hearing is a serious matter that deserves your full attention and can help you prevent or slow future hearing loss. Learn about the types of hearing loss here.

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A Loved Ones Hearing Loss

50% of those with hearing loss are at least 75 years old. Often our older loved ones are unaware that they are becoming hard of hearing. Others may be slightly younger and in denial that they may be loosing their hearing. A child with hearing loss from birth may not know the difference between his hearing and others. So we must be on the look out for our loved ones that may be experiencing a loss in hearing ability. There are positive steps we can take to be more helpful and assist our loved ones with their hearing loss.

Here are some Tips for helping a Loved One with Hearing Loss.


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Michael S

Salisbury MD

Lyle and his staff are super great. They are very careful to diagnose any hearing problems correctly and they are very gentle in fitting a new hearing aid. Thank you so much guys. I would highly recommend this hearing aid center for all those living in Salisbury MD.

Louie J

Hebron MD

I didn't want to wear hearing aids, but I wanted to hear! The staff at Audio Advantage were professional and kind, and also made sure I came back for several adjustments to get those aids perfectly tuned to my loss. I would highly recommend them to anyone who wants to hear better.

Paul Q

Salisbury MD

The team at Audio Advantage was very professional. They answered our many questions and took as long as we needed at our initial appointment and the fitting. All appointments are always free which was a great surprise to us.

Sarah P

Baltimore MD

I can't believe the difference it's made for dad, and for us, to have him fully participating in our lives again.

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