Hearing Aid Features that Support a Modern Lifestyle

Hearing Aid Features that Support a Modern Lifestyle

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Nowadays, we live in a world that offers connectivity and convenience that was hard to imagine even just a decade ago. The era of smartphones means that it’s normal to have digital convenience in our pockets. What you may not realize is that it is just as easy to have digital convenience in your ears. Modern hearing aids are discreet and powerful micro computers with new models advancing their capabilities into new, expansive realms.

Sound Delivery

By far the biggest sweeping change of the past several decades in hearing aids has been the leap to digital audio processing. Digital sound offers more nuanced control and adjustment of sound for your specific hearing needs. Not only can sound be more precisely adjusted to meet your particular hearing challenges, it can also deliver personalized nuance. Sound technology like that of Oticon’s OPN is built to discern relevant conversation while suppressing background noise, for easier listening and comprehension.

Digital sound has also made strides in specialized hearing functions. For people with hearing loss in just one ear, CROS technology uses calibrated timing to create the sense of spatial depth to sound that binaural hearing creates.

Connect to Your Device

With the rise of high-quality streaming sound and video, your phone or tablet might double as your stereo and movie theater. Now your hearing aids are ready to keep up. The new generation of digital hearing aids are built for smartphone connectivity, streaming the sound from your device directly (and wirelessly) to your hearing aid. Options like Starkey’s Halo iQ Made for iPhone hearing aids have a seamless connection to your device for easy digital streaming audio.

Perfect for phone calls and video conferences, streaming audio means that you stay better connected to the people in your life. The palette of what streaming smart audio can do is constantly opening up. With the advent of smart home accessories, it is possible to stream the sound of your doorbell or home alert system directly to your hearing aid as well.

Streaming audio isn’t the only advantage of device connectivity. Adjusting your hearing aid becomes as easy as opening an app. Specific listening setting can be saved to your favorite locations and activated via your device’s GPS location. For people with tinnitus, smartphone apps can help you build personalized sound therapy solutions that can then be streamed to your hearing aid for tinnitus relief.

On-the-Go Charging

Not too long ago, you’d be hard pressed to find a hearing aid that wasn’t running off small disposable batteries. Now, lithium-ion and other high-powered, versatile rechargeable batteries are changing the way hearing aids power up and deliver great sound all day long. The same batteries that revved up the electric car market and power everything from lights to scooters are getting their chance to shine in hearing aids as well. Options like Phonak’s impressive Audéo BR deliver a full 24 hours of performance with just 2 hours of charging.

Frequent travelers for business or pleasure may also want to take note that many rechargeable models come with a charging station that can recharge hearing aids up to three times without being plugged in, making it a convenient option for quick trips or even off-the-grid adventures. Fast-charging rechargeable batteries and lasting performance have been rated top conveniences for people looking to upgrade their hearing aids.

More Discreet

Do you still imagine hearing aids as a clunky chunk of very visible plastic? Those hearing aids are a thing of the past. These days, they have become increasingly more discreet. Today’s hearing aids are sometimes located entirely inside the ear canal, while other styles tuck comfortably behind the ear. Barely noticeable, newer hearing aid designs are just as likely to be mistaken for a cell phone earpiece or headphones as they are to be recognized as a hearing aid.

Audio Advantage Hearing Aid Center

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