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I am very pleased with the service I have received when needed. Prompt and immediate help has been appreciated. Also, a word of praise for the secretary. She is always pleasant and eager to help.T. Paul Hudson
I did not realize that my hearing loss was as bad as it was and I was afraid to take that first step. However, the Staff at Audio Advantage is very friendly and makes you feel comfortable. Now I can hear much more!B. Price
I came in because I thought I wasn’t hearing. Turns out it was just wax and I didn’t have hearing loss! Jason found it and had me go get it cleaned now I can hear so much better. I would suggest going to see Jason even if you think you may not be hearing some things. He will be honest and tell you if you don’t have hearing loss.D. Calvi
I travel 35 minutes to go to Audio Advantage instead of the hearing aid dealer that is right beside me. I do this because the staff at Audio Advantage are very professional and care about me. This is my second pair of hearing aids that Audio Advantage is taking care of and they always solve any problems with my hearing aids. They are wonderful and it is well worth the trip to go to them.D. Landis
I stayed home most of the time before coming into the office. I did not want to be around anyone. Now, I am starting to go places with my grandchildren and they are so happy! I am very happy because I can now hear and I do not have to read lips.M. Mills
I knew I was missing out on conversations, but didn’t think I could afford hearing aids. Now, in my small group I can hear everyone even the soft voice people. I no longer feel like I have missed anything.Carolyn H.
I felt very frustrated about my hearing loss before coming into the office. The communication and scheduling process at Audio Advantage was Excellent – they’re great!Gail F.


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  • W. Wilson

    5 Stars

    “I have a sever hearing loss and it affects every part of my daily life. It can be very frustrating but the hearing aids are a real blessing.The staff at Audio Advantage are friendly and caring and skillfull. They are the best people we have dealt with in the past 10 to 12 years!”

  • E. Hargis

    5 Stars

    “I was so tired of asking people to repeat and since I bought hearing aids from Audio Advantage Hearing Aid Centers I don’t have to anymore. I have had an excellent experience! Jason and Mida are outstanding!”

  • E. Kerner

    5 Stars

    “I visited Audio Advantage Hearing Aid Centers because I needed help. Now I can hear conversations so much better!”


    5 Stars | Business Colleague
    Studio 47 Web Design

    “Lyle and his staff are super great. They are very careful to diagnose any hearing problems correctly and they are very gentle in fitting a new hearing aid. Thank you so much guys. I would highly recommend this hearing aid center for all those living in Salisbury MD.”


    5 Stars | Salisbury MD

    “Great Place.”


    5 Stars | Hebron MD

    “I didn’t want to wear hearing aids, but I wanted to hear! The staff at Audio Advantage were professional and kind, and also made sure I came back for several adjustments to get those aids perfectly tuned to my loss. I would highly recommend them to anyone who wants to hear better.”


    5 Stars | Baltimore MD
    Relative of Client

    “My dad got his hearing aids from here. We are thrilled with how he’s hearing now! I can’t believe the difference it’s made for him, and for us, to have him fully participating in our lives again. The team at Audio Advantage was very professional, they were obviously familiar with a variety of different hearing devices. They answered our many questions and took as long as we needed at our initial appointment and the fitting. Oh, and all appointments are always free which was a great surprise to us.”